16mm scale wooden platform for station

We are excited to launch our new wooden station platform kit that has a planked raised platform with detailing of support timbers at the front and back edges and comes complete with back fences and two sloped ends.

The platform consists of two sloped end, four base sections and the fences. The four section make up a flat bed of 1180mm long by 165mm wide standing 28mm high. The sloped ends are 118mm long each end making a total length of 1146mm lomg. Additional base sections can be added to make extra long platforms.

Each base section builds up as a strong matrix of cross members with the front and back planked sections faced with support beams. The cross members have holes through them to allow for any wiring under the platform. The option to add station lamp posts is available with our station lighting pack that includes four lamp posts with glazing and bright white LED that fit onto an aluminium post that fits through an 8mm hole. If ordered with the platform we can pre-cut the hole in each platform top section for fitting in the lamps. The four station lamp post set is available at £9.75

The wooden platform will be added to the website under our kits section and will be priced at £65 inclusive of the fencing pack for two ends, four bases.

For more information email info@northpiltonworks.com