North Pilton Works Passenger Rail Bus Set

This model is a 16mm scale narrow gauge rail bus and trailer coach for both SM32 or G45 gauges and supplied ready to run.

The Rail Bus engine has a coach area fitted out with detals of the drivers cab and interior seating with a door at the back that links between the carriages. The trailer coach is also fitted out with interior seating and full glazing all round. The front engine bonnet is fitted with metal grills on the front and both sides and houses the RS-360 motor and reduction drive onto the main drive shafts.

The passenger rail car set is available ready to run in either green or grey livery and comes complete with battery pack and batteries. The LED headlight works with a powerful beam with the option to wire in the red tail lamp for reverse running.

The launch price of the Passenger Rail Bus Set and Trailer coach is £120 pre-order through with the bonus remote control.

The rail car and passenger coach are a deatiled set with planking represented on all sides and a bargin addition to any garden railway.

Under The Bonnet

The rail bus front engine bonnet comes with detailed metal grills on all sides and the headlight fitted in a steel bezel and a red LED tail lamp. This hides the powerful RS-360 motor and it gear driving through to the under frame. The motor drives onto a cross drive shaft that has a set of bevel gears that then drive onto the main drive shaft with the worm gears driving both sets of axles. This gives a 25:1 reduction gearing onto the wheels. The battery packs are housed under the back of the locomotive with a custom set of battery boxes. Between the battery boxes is a compartment that will house the remote relay card that can easily be replaced with a full radio control receiver.

Drive mechanism

The driving mechanism for the rail bus uses two 4mm drive shafts supported by ball race bearings, with the front cross drive shaft driving at 90 degrees through bevel gears onto the end of the main drive shaft. This then drives through two 10mm worm gears onto each of the axles. The gears are heavy duty 4mm bore gearing (3.33mm wide) so that they provide a rebust gear box for maximum reliability and smooth driving. (Other cheap kits drive on one axle with a much smaller motor)

Complete Passenger Rail Bus Set

This passenger rail bus set is ideal for any garden railway with the engine and trailer coach making an attractive set.