North Pilton Works Company

North Pilton Works is dedicated to the 16mm scale garden railway scene and running on both SM32 and G45 track gauges.

North Pilton Works Rolling Stock

When it came to designing and building our complete range of rolling stock, we had two major considerations in mind, one was the price and the other was the different sizes that people have for the width of their rolling stock. To cater for this, we have all our rolling stock available in 96mm wide for 6ft and 110mm wide for 6ft10. This means you can get the whole range in your desired width to match you railways requirements.

North Pilton Works 16mm scale garden Railways

As all our models are made to 16mm scale, we also offer everything in both SM32 (32mm gauge) and G45 (45mm gauge) axles. The rolling stock comes with heavy GRS insulated metal wheel sets fitted with brass axle bearings and Binnies centre buffer couplings. We also supply a set of chains with each wagon so they are ready to couple up and be run. We also offer our wagons and carriages in bulk packs of three and five with a slight discount.

The first wagons in our range include a platform wagon with tie down hoops on the under carriage and a bolster wagon. These have a detailed under frame with brake frames between the wheels and brake levers each side of the wagon. They both have a planked wagon bed, with the bolster wagon supporting a rotating arm for carrying large loads between two wagons. The next wagon is an open wagon with framing for the sides.

We then have two vans with a box van and a cattle van. The box van has a pair of sliding doors and door runners. The cattle vans have a drop down door each side and a locking bar that holds the door up in four locking handles. People kept asking if the doors work, so they were quickly re-designed to enable the box van doors to slide and the cattle van doors to be unlocked and dropped down to a platform for loading scenes.

There is then a detailed guards van with a balcony and interior furnishings that include seats, a brake column, writing desk and chair and a log burning stove. A switch on the under frame one side operates the interior light and a candle LED under the stove to illuminate the logs inside. The guards van as a set of three AAA batteries in a battery holder on the underside.

The 4 wheel passenger coaches come with interior seating and glazed sides with a step under the doors.

  • Platform Wagon
  • Bolster Wagon
  • Open Wagon
  • Box Van
  • Cattle Wagon
  • Guards Van
  • Passenger Coach

All rolling stock is available in either Ever Green or Slate Gray livery. Simply choose your livery, gauge SM32/G45, width 96mm/110m and quantity 1,3 or 5. What could be simpler.

North Pilton Works Locomotives

We designed three different locomotives for our engines, with a diesel engine, tram engine and a rail bus locomotive. These are all built to 98mm wide chassis and come with everything ready to run including the motor, working LED lighting, battery pack and batteries. They are available in either Green or Grey liveries to match our rolling stock and come with metal insulated wheels.

North Pilton works 16mm scale locomotives

The diesel engine has a cab at the back with glazed front and rear windows with the engine bonnet in front with metal gauze for the grills each side and at the front. The bonnet lid lifts off to gain access to the batteries. The tram engine has a balcony each end with the driver control panel and a door way into the central engine compartment. The windows in the centre engine compartment have metal grills.

The rail bus locomotive has a carriage with the drivers compartment and doorway and a sets of three passenger seats. The loco has an engine bonnet at the front with metal grills  at the front and each side hiding the motor and has the head/tail lights. The rail bus has built in battery packs each side of the engine each holding two AA batteries and the switches for control. The back of the rail bus has a central doorway and glazed windows. This is designed for the optional rail bus trailer coach with front doorway to interlink together as a two car set.

All our locomotives are available in both SM32 and G45 gauges and have been designed to be easily upgraded to full radio control by simply fitting a receiver card.

A Complete Industrial Railway

With many people wanting to model the industrial side of the narrow gauge scene, we designed our own industrial railway with two locomotives and rolling stock based on an oval skip based chassis measuring 76mm in width.  These are all provided as complete kits.

Complete Industrial Narrow gauge Railway

Our goal was to provide “a complete industrial railway” featuring two engines and nine wagons for under £200

The rolling stock includes platform wagon, bolster wagon, open wagon, box van and a gaurd/passenger coach. The come with Binnies solid disc wheel sets and stainless steel axles, a central bar coupling with optional 3 link chain couplings.

The diesel engine comes with a back cab and front engine bonnet with metal grills front and sides and a LED head light. The Tram engine has a cab and driver controls each end with a central engine compartment. Each cab has a pair of steps each side.

The engines drive on a powerful high torque 6V motor driving through a 34:1 reduction worm gear onto one axle and have a battery pack for three AA batteries which are provided in the kit. Each side of the under frame has a switch for power and direction.

Scenic Railway Features

A railway need many line side features to bring it to life. With this in mind, we have an expanding range of scenic features available in simple kits. These include crates for wagon loads and goods areas, station accessories and seating and complete fencing solution.

For wagon loads, we have two kits available for a pair of large cargo crates on a pallet and smaller pack of six interlocking stacking crates. The cargo crates measure 70 x 62 x 58mm high and sit on a pallet for fork lift loading. The smaller crates measure 62 x 35 x 24mm with holes for handling and have a set of notches top and bottom so that they stack up and lock together, ensuring that they don’t fall off wagons when running round for loads.

The station accessory kits include platform bench seats and a set of station accessories that include a pair of platform trolleys, pair of notice boards, weigh scales and a phone kiosk with phone. The station accessory pack comes with a set of five bench seats which are also available as a separate kit.

The fences are part of a complete integral solution that includes picket style fence panels, gates and interlink into a complete level crossing gate. The fence panels lock into fence posts that include joining posts, end posts and corner posts, so any kind of fencing can be produced.

North Pilton Works Level Crossing Gate KitFencing Solution

The fence packs are available as three different packs, the first comes with six fence panels and a small hinged gate provides with brass hinges. The next pack extends the fencing with ten fence panels and comes with a pair of corner posts. There is also an 8ft gate pack that comes with ten fence panels and a large hinged gate. The gates come with an optional disc that can be glued on and painted as a warning disc.

The fencing system is complemented with our double level crossing gate kit that features four large 10ft gates to form a level crossing gate. The kit is very flexible and can be built up as a four gate double level crossing gate area, or you can use the extra end stop gate posts and create two separate two gate crossings. The level crossing gate kit also comes with eight small fence panels and fence posts that allow you to build the level crossing into our standard fencing system. The gates can also be used as a single gate within a fence for a yard gate.

Line Side Buildings

Our expanding range also features line side buildings that include a station shelter and a ground level signal cabin. The station shelter features glazed window panes, detailed rafter tiled roof and an interior LED light supplied with battery pack. The shelter measures 160mm by 60mm by 110mm high with the roof overhanging measuring 78mm wide.

Station ShelterNorth Pilton Works Signal Box

The small signal box features a front with three windows, the sides with windows and a door on the left side with a tiled roof. The signal box sits on a raised floor panel that houses the battery pack and switch for the lighting. The interior detailing includes the lever frame, operators desk and chair and a log burning stove with candle LED to illuminate the logs inside. There are then details for the wall that include a track indicator panel, 13 amp power sockets and power consumer unit. The signal box measures 160 by 115 by 145mm high and comes as a complete kit with glazing panels, LED’s, slide switch, the battery pack including batteries.

We will soon be launching new buildings that will include a station building, goods shed and engine shed.

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