In the Works at North Pilton Works

We have a lot going on at the works at North Pilton Works this month with progress being made on the launch of our range of locomotives ready for launch on the 21st August with the diesel locomotive, tram locomotive and the passenger rail car set. These three locomotives will then form the launch pad for our new train sets for SM32 and G45 garden railway starter sets. 

The passenger rail car set includes the rail bus locomotive with a trailer coach as a complete set and will launch for £120 with pre-ordering available now. The rail bus unit has a motor in the front engine bonnet and drives on both axles with a 25:1 gear box and two drive axles mounted in roller bearings. The bonnet has attractive metal grills all round and working headlight and tail lights depending on the direction of travel. Both the trailer coach and rail bus unit are fitted out with interior passenger seating and the rail bus unit has a detailed drivers cab area. They come fully glazed with 1.5mm clear acrylic.

The Diesel engine and Tram engine both have a powerful RS-385 motor unit driving through a main drive shaft supported by ball race bearings driving onto both axles with a 25:1 reduction gearing. They are fitted with bi-directional lighting and run on a battery pack cotaining four AA batteries. These are supplied in either Sm32 or G45 and a choice of Slate Grey or Evergreen liveries. They will be available pre-order at £85 each ready to run. Pre-launch orders will also have a bonus remote control relay switch fitted.

Locomotives Now Available

The designs have now been finalized and we are launching the three new locomotives through website. The locomotives are available in either G45 or Sm32 gauges and are 16mm scale. They are available in either evergreen or Slate Grey liveries and come fully ready to run with a set of batteries. The locomotives feature working headlights, with the diesel and tram engines having bi-directional headlights. The engines have been designed to be easily upgraded to full radio control with the intallation of a radio receiver card.


Complete Re-Work of Rolling Stock

We have re-designed our complete range of ready to run rolling stock this month to make them available in two sizes. The large scale size is available in 110mm wide with 105mm chassis and the narrower size of 96m wide is now available.

The whole range of rolling stock now uses the GRS heavy metal wheel sets with brass bearings for both SM32 and G45 gauges. These add weight into the chassis for better stability.

The 110 wide range still supports the wooden curved roofs that are now painted in eggshell enamel (not cheap but hard wearing) whilst the 96mm wide range uses plastic formed roofs.

The range is available through the website with orders for single units as well as bulk packs of three or five units saving you 10% and 15% respectively.

Platform Wagon, open wagon, box van, cattle van, guards van and passenger coaches.

Available in SM32 or G45 and choice of Slate Greay or Evergreen livery. Ready To Run

In The Works - Rail Bus

The Passenger Rail Bus Set comes complete with the trailer coach as a two coach set. The rail bus unit has a built in battery bank each side at the rear of the unit. It lauches on 21st Augusr with pre-ordering available now through with the bonus remote relay card

Width: 96mm

Length : 230mm - coach 180mm

Height: 140mm

In The Works - Diesel Locomotive - 16mm scale SM32 or G45

The Diesel locomotive will be available from the 21st August with pre-ordering now available through for £85 ready to run and pre-order units will contain the bonus remote control relay board.

Width: 96mm

Length : 180mm

Height: 140mm

In The Works - Tram Engine SM32 or G45

The Tram engine will be available from the 21st August with pre-ordering available now through for £85 Ready to Run. Pre-order units will include the bonus remote control relay switch board.

Width: 96mm

Length : 180mm

Height: 140mm

Class 200 Bo-Bo Diesel

The next locomotive to be launched from the works will be the class 200 Bo-Bo Diesel for general passenger and goods services with two power bogies and a large end cab with large engine bonnet. The engine has a detailed cab with drivers control console, rear hand brake wheel column and drivers swivel chair with a pair of rear sears for co-operators. The cab features a cab light and full glazing. The locomotive has full directional lighting with head light and rear lights. The large engine compartment has metal grills each side and in the front.

The locomotive measures 295mm in length, 110mm wide and 140mm hight (18FT5 X 6FT10.5 X 8FT9)  with the axles wheel base at 65mm on the bogies pivoting at 140mm aprt. The locomotive is designed to operate around 2ft radius curves and have maxiimnum traction with all axles driving using two RS385SH motors running on a 12V rechargeable Lion battery pack. The motors drive on a reduction gear onto a main drive shaft suspended by ball race bearings driving worm gears onto each axle, providing a 25:1 reduction gearing. The battery is suspended on a shelf above the motors and an additional lead weight is added in the bonnect for extra traction.

The class 200 is available in both SM32 and G45 as well as a choice of livery in Everygreen or Slate Grey.

The engine comes as standard with a remote control switch for stopping and a pair of switches for power and direction. It is fully upgradeable to full radio control with the fitting of a radio receiver or can be purchased as radio control fitted.The price of the basic unit is going to be annouced at around £180 with the radio control version available at £295 (if you already have on of our tranmitters then this will be deducted off the price)



Once the locomotives have been launched in the first batch, we will be setting out our site to launch the complete train sets range which includes a locomotive and fleet of wagons as a complete train. These sets come ready to run and are available in a choice of Evergreen or Slate Grey livery for SM32 or G45 gauges. The train sets are set to launch at £190 Ready To Run complete with batteries and couling links, so they will be ready straight from the box. 

The train sets start with either the Tram or Diesel engine and come with a fleet of wagons.

The first set is the mixed goods set that comes with either the Tram or Diesel engine and three wagons and guards to include the platform wagon, open wagon, box van and guards van as a complete train.

The next sets include a rake of either plaform wagons, open wagons or box van. The platform train set comes with engine and five platform wagons, the open wagon train set comes with the engine and four open wagons. The box van train set comes with the engine and three box vans.

There is then the passenger train set that has the engine and three coaches.

These sets will be available in a couple of weeks pre-order with the launch date set for mid September. 

Remote Relay Board

After hunting around for a remote control solution we have come across a remote relay board with remote handset that will be made available as a bonus on the pre-order locomotives. This gives you full control over starting and stopping the engines on command and have a range of 15-30m. This saves you having to chase the locmotive to stop them and keep the price down on our locomotives. We have arranges a deal with the manufacturer so that we can fit these as stadard to our range of locomotves. This also gives a an easuer upgrade path to full radio control as the card can be swapped out for a radio receiver card.

We looked around for a full radio control solution and this would literally double the price of the locomotives and non of the cheap radio solutions provided anything suitable for the price. We do offer the Yatton radio control upgrade solution which comes as a tranmitter for up to twelve locomotives and a receiver card as our solution for full radio control.