Goal of 5 inch Narrow Gauge

The main goal of setting up the Narrow Gauge Railways website is to form a community hub for people with an interest in 5 inch gauge railways to share their railways and experience with others.

Many people are in the process of building or expanding a railway in 5 inch gauge or just simply having a locomotive to run at a local club at the weekends. The number of 5 inch gauge railways and locomotives is constantly growing. This is due to the relative size of the locomotives and affordability of 5 inch gauge against the larger scales of 7.25in and above.

5 inch gauge railways are great fun for carrying passengers and can run in a relatively small area. The minimum curve on 5 inch should be 10ft radius, which means most people can fit a loop round their mid size garden. For people running on club layouts they can enjoy running round larger circuits and many give members of the public passengers rides.

Community Hub

The 5 inch narrow gauge railways website is open to everyone interested in railways. Membership will be FREE to create an account and have full access to all areas of the website. We have set up a discussion forum which members can simply login, post messages under the topics or start a new discussion.

We will be constantly expanding the website with new features and sections - so if you have any ideas of what you would like to see or if you can contribute any content to the site then please feel free to contact us.


Membership Area

If you want to contribute to the discussions forum, simply create a membership account, upload a profile image and start using the website. As content expands there will be sections of the website that will be member only access.

Membership to the website is FREE of charge. All content will be moderated to ensure that only relevant content to railways is posted on the website as there are spammers that target sites.

Please enjoy the website and look forward to making friends with everyone.