North Pilton Works Rolling Stock

North Pilton Works has produced a full range or rolling stock for 16mm scale garden railways. The range includes a platform wagon, open wagon, box van, cattle van, guards van and passenger coach.

They are supplied ready to run and in a choice of Slate Grey or Evergreen livery in either 32mm gauge or 45mm gauge. 

The box van has been re-designed with sliding doors. The cattle van is a new addition and has drop down doors.

The guards van is a fully featured interior with lighting and its own battery pack, this includes seats and a hand brake column, a desk with a chair and a log burning stove with an LED light showing the logs.

The rolling stock is available in two sizes with 96mm wide and 110mm wide. The roofs on the box van, cattle van, guards van and passenger coach is plastic for the 96mm wide and wooden for the 110mm wide stock.

Rolling Stock