North Pilton works Diesel Engine

The new SM32 diesel engine (also available in G45) is a 16mm scale engine designed as a powerful yet affordable addition to any layout. The engines will be available in a choice of grey or green livery and come complete with bi-directional headlights. These are battery electric locomotives and fully upgradeable to full radio control. The launch engines will be supplied with a remote control switch as a bonus if pre-ordered through the website.

The engines are constructed from laser cut 3mm birch plywood with GRS wheel sets and heavy duty gearing for a robust and reliable engine. They use a 12V RS-385SH motor and a set of reduction gears giving 25:1 gearing onto each axle. The drive shaft is 4mm stainless steel with ball race bearings giving a smooth drive mechanism. 

The drivers cab comes with detailing of the drivers control panel with levers and a rear hand brake column at the back of the cab. The front and rear cab windows will be glazed. The engine bonnet has steel grills on both sides and at the front. This houses the battry pack and motor. The engine has LED lighting which works bi-directionally. The pre-ordered locomotives will also be fitted with a remote relay switch card and come with a remote control.

The launch price for this locomotive complete and ready to run will be £85. A bargin when you consider you can pay that for a kit that drives on only one axle with a much smaller motor. 

Our aim is to provide powerful ready to run locomotives with a full range of rolling stock for garden railways.