16mm Scale Garden Railway Signall Kits

North Pilton Works is now launching a set of kits for 16mm scale garden railway signalling with tradtitional semaphore and modern twin aspect colour light signals. 

For the modern day, our pack of three twin aspect light signals provides working LED colour signalling with sturdy aluminium posts fixed into a firm base with a detailed signal head and optional ladders. The lights are 5V 10mm difused LED lights pre-wired for easy assembly and require no soldering. The signal head is simple to glue together and fix onto the mast, which then fixes securely into the signal base. There are then three wires, one for each LED and a ground. The kit includes a set of three optional resistors that will enable the lights to work on 12V supplies.North Pilton Works 16mm scale semaphore signal

For traditional semaphore signalling, our pack of three signals includes all the parts to make up three complete signals with working signal arm, colour lens inserts and LED lamp built into the signal mast for providing high visability indication of stop or all clear when the arm is lifted and dropped. The operating weighted crank at the bottom of the mast links with a wire to the signal arm and can be operated by a lever rod or cable pull. The kit comes with four signal arms, three stop signals and one distance so you can choose what to make the third signal up as.  The kit comes with optional ladders for the back of the signal. 

Both signal kits contain all the parts to make up three working signals with LED's. They are priced at just £25 for the three.

Available fromt the Lineside range http://northpiltonworks.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=15

Point Lever Rodding Kit

The next exciting kit is for adding rodding detail to your permanent wat trackside for adding proper detailing for you point work and signalling. The kit contains 36 long rods with connecing links making over 30ft of rods, 30 sets of rollers with a combination of three, two and single rollers, ten cranks and crank bases and all the inter-connecting linkage you will need. The kit is designed to be mainly used as dummy detailing but can be made to operate, as the rollers include zinc washers and stainless steel bolts, so that the rodding can slide. 

signal rodding

This is a unique kit for adding realistic rodding to your track bed and is great value for money at just £20 for a pack. 

We will be releasing a set of three levers in a frame that can be linked together in banks of three to creat any size of lever frame that will operate linkages. These can be used with the rodding set to move the rods and operate signals and points. These will be sold in sets of one and three frames sets.