A complete station halt kit

A kit to build up a complete station halt with the back fencing, station buildings and full station accessories including station lamp posts to light up the platforms at dusk.

This is a real valu for money kit with everything you would expect to see on a busy station halt including a station shelter, refreshment stand, back fencing, station lamp posts, bench seats and station accessory pack that includes two platform trolleys, two notice boards, weigh scale and telephone kiosk.

The four base sections and two end slope sections build up a planked wooden platform that measures 1180mm x 165mm x 28mm high with the under side having bolt holes and holes for feeding through wiring. The back fence includes two slope fence panels, ten straight panels, bracing bars and the fence posts to form a picket style fence from end to end. 

The station comes with a station shelter kit with bench seating, four glazed windows, tiled roof and interior light The refreshment stand includes interior detailing including the counter with sink, shelving, under counter fridge, hot water ern and toaster. The front has a serving window with a bi-folding window frame and menu board. The tiled apex roof has a sign board that lights up with a red back-light LED panel and cut through REFRESHMENT lettering as well as an interior light.

Each base section has a hole in which to mount the four station lamp posts and wire up from the underide. This means that not only do the buildings light up at dusk, but the hole platform is ulluminated with the four station lamps.

No station would be complete with out the features such as bench seats. The station accessory pack includes five bench seats, two platform trolleys, two notice boards, weigh scale and telephone kiosk.

This gives you EVERYTHING you would expect to find on a busy station platform in one complete pack.

The station can be extended by adding in addition platform bases and fence sections to make up any size platform.

Complete station halt kit


Light Up At Dusk

The station includes interior lighting in the station shelter and refreshment stand as well as the illuminated sign on top of the stand roof. The four working station lamps cast light on your platforms at dusk producing an attractive scene to your station as the sun disappears and night starts rolling in.