North Pilton Locomotive Works

North Pilton Works.Com is looking at producing a range of narrow gauge locomotive train sets with full radio control for people modellling 16mm scale with either SM32 2ft narrow gauge railways or G45.

The range of locomotives will start with a 4 wheel diesel shunter, Diesel tram engine and a rail Bus and slowly progress through to a larger Bo-Bo and  Co-Co locomotives, designed to represent the modern era of hard working narrow gauge scene.

The locomotives will be powered on all axels driven by a powerful 12V RS3685 motor and a gearbox at 25:1 reduction to produce a powerful hauling locomotive capable of hauling 10-20 times its own weight. These will be supplied ready to run and painted in green or grey livery. We will then be launching full train sets.

Each train set will be supplied with the locomotive ready to run and a set of wagons with additional wagons available in bulk packs to extend the set further. 

Now Launched - Starter Range

North Pilton Works is now in production with its starter range of Ready To Run rolling stock with the platform wagon, open wagon, box van and passenger coaches now avalable.

These are produced from laser cut 3mm plywood and supplied painted in livery with SLATER L&B wheels for 32mm gauge and Binnies centre couplings. The chassis includes brake levers and brake frames beween the wheels for detailing. 

The goal is to produce affordable ready to run locomotives and rolling stock for people that want something to run around their SM32 railway rather than buying kits and having to find the time to build them up then paint them in our busy lives.

Having the option to buy an attractive fleet of wagons or carriages ready to use straight out of the box esures that you can grow your railways rolling stock easily and cost effectively.

Pilton Ready To Run Train Sets















Diesel Locomotive - Launching 21st August

The first new locomotive to be launched is a diesel engine with a detailed cab and large bonnet with metal grills in all sides holding the battery pack and motor. The engine will be driving on all wheels using a powerful RS-385SH driving through a set of reduction gears onto a 4mm steel drive shaft supported by ball race bearings and driving through worm gears onto both sets of wheels. The engine comes complete with batteries and painted in either green or grey livery. The engine comes with bi-directional headlights and is fully upgradeable to radio control. The launch locomotives will be available pre-order through and be supplied with a remote switch relay card as a bonus.


Tram Locomotive - Launching 21st August

The Tram locomotive has a cab each end and details of the drivers control panel as well as bi-directional head lights. The central engine compartment has metal frills in the windows and details of planking on all sides. The engine uses the same RS-385SH motor and gear box driving a 4mm main drive shaft and giving 25:1 reduction gearing driving on all wheels. The tram is supplied in either green or grey livery and comes complete with battery pack and batteries. Pre-orders will get the remote relay card added in as a bonus

Rail Bus Passenger Set - Launching 21st August

The Rail Bus Passenger Set comes with the Rail Bus engine and a passenger trailer coach as a complete set. This has a front bonnet with metal grills all round housing an RS360 motor driving through reduction gears onto a cross drive shaft mounted on ball race bearings. this then drives through a set of bevel gears onto the main drive shaft to drive the worm gears to power both axles. The rail bus comes with full interior detailing including the drivers cab area, seating and full glazing in all the windows. The passenger coach as a doorway at the front and comes with interior seating. 

Full Radio Control Battery Operated Train Sets

Each locomotive is constructed from sturdy 3mm ABS plastic laser cut and fitted with cast resin detailed parts to make them as realistic as possible. They are supplied in train sets painted and ready to run or can be orders as either kits or unpainted so that you can make your own modifications and paint them in your own livery.

The radio equipment is pre-fitted with Deltang receivers to provide speed control, inertia for smooth start/stop and direction control with auto reversing lighting for head/tail lamps.

The locomotives are fitted with a rechargeable Lion battery pack with built in power switch and a plug in power supply unit for easy charge up.

The motor block has a reduction gear onto a 4mm drive shaft supported by ball race bearings driving through worm gears onto the axels, providing a reduction gearing of roughly 49:1 from a powerful 12V RS385 motor. This provides the best tractive power and ensures all axels of the locomotive are driven.

The radio receiver can be programmed for more functionality and more features can be added to the locomotive such as sound cards and more lights quite easily.

Each train set will be supplied with a TX20 single train transmitter controller that controls the locomotive speed, direction and with inertia control. If you want a single transmitter for up to 12 locomotive and additional receivers, then the TX22 transmitter is available and the cost of the TX20 can be deducted from the set.

Class 200 Hopper Set

Class 200 Bo-Bo Hopper Freight with two bogie mineral hopper wagons

Class 50 Set

Class 50 4WD Diesel shunter with 2 bottom top 4 wheel wagons

Class 100 Set

Class 100 4WD Diesel shunter with two 4 wheel open wagons

Class 200 Freight

Class 200 Bo-Bo Diesel Freight locomotive with 2 bogies wagons

Rolling Stock

North Pilton Works is looking at developing a complete range of rolling stock to include 4 wheel wagons, bogie wagons and bogie passenger carriages for SM32 starting with the 4 wheel wagons and bogie wagons that will be included in the train sets. The range of wagons will be as follows:-

4 Wheel tubs - bottom tip wagon

4 wheel open wagon

Bogie platform wagon

Bogie open wagon

Bogie mineral hopper

Bogie box van

Passenger Carriages

We are looking at working on a set of bogie carriages that will be designed as observation coaches with 6 compartments, bench seats and windows all round. There will be a six compartment carriage and a guard composit carriage with 2 compartment parcels area. These will be designed around a 36ft chassis.

The plan is to then produce a narrow gauge 3 coach railcar with the 36ft carriage as a centre coach with a power car and trailer car aimed at the more modern era. 

There will be an exciting 5 coach railcar set announced later on that will be articulated.