New Developments At The Works

SM12 Railways

We are about to release our new SM12 range representing a 12 inch gauge miniature railway to 16mm scale running on 00 gauge track.

Many people have modelled GN15 represnting 15 inch gauge to G scale. This new range that we are launching allows you to run a 12 inch gauge railway along side your 16mm scale railway as a miniature railway and use narrow gauge 0-16.5 track or standard 00 track with realism in scale. This also opens up the system to people wanting to kit-bash their old Hornby railways set to cut in large cab areas and run a wide range of 00 locomotives as scale miniatures of their favourite trains with the miniature coaches.

SM12 range railway

Our new range will be launched with a pair of locomotive body kits that fit standard hornby motor bogies with a diesel 0-40 engine and a bogie diesel engine. There will then be a complete range of rolling stock with 4 wheel wagons and coaches as well as a set of 15ft three compartment bogie coaches. This will allow for people to model industrial scenes with a minimum gauge railway as well as run passenger services.

The rolling stock will be supplied as kits with Hornby 12.5mm axles, peco brass bearings and laser cut plywood parts to build sturdy bodies. The kits will also be supplied with KADEE magnetic couplings that represent the popular knuckle coupling.