Modelling Scales

There are loads of different scales for model trains and varous gauges. Here is a quick list if the common scales.


SCALE GAUGE Also Represents
SE Scale 45 7/8inch Models 2ft (610mm) 1:11.3
Gauge 3 63 1:24 Standard gauge at 1.225 scale and 1:24 scale
G Gauge 45 G Scale European 1m gauge at 1:22.5 popular as LGB
16mm 32 SM32 Models 2ft (610mm) gauge at scale of 1:19
Fn3 scale 45 1:20 represents american 3ft gauge
1/2 inch 45   Models UK 3ft (914mm) gauge 
O Scale 32 7mm Standard gauge railways modelled at 1:43.5 scale
OO Scale 16.5 4mm standard gauge modelled at 1:76.2 scale
HO Scale 16.5 3.5mm modelled at 1:87 scale and popular world wide (excpet UK)
Other gauges      
  12 TT Gauge  
  9 N Gauge  
  6.5 Z Gauge