16mm scale SM12 running on 00 as 12 inch gauge miniature railway

North Pilton Works has been busy designing a complete range of locomotives and rolling stock to run on 00 gauge track for 16mm scale to represent a 12 inch gauge miniature railway, similar to the Fairbourne Railway in Wales so that people can run them alongside their garden railway for a small industrial scene or a passenger carrying line on a minimum gauge railway. The SM12 range includes a full fleet of wagons, coaches and locomotive body kits laser cut from birch plywood. 

There are many people that model in GN15 that represents 15 inch gauge at G Scale and have included scenes in their garden railway using these, now there will be true 16mm scale available on 00 with this range of kits, You could also use these for GN15 as they are mostly comparible in scale and dimensions.

The rolling stock kits come complete with Hornby metal axles, brass bearings and all the fittings to build up a complete model. There is a proprietry chopper coupling included with the kit, but you can fit any kind of coupling you require including the popular KADEE couplers. The chassis measure 54mm wide by 104mm long on the 4 wheel stock with the bodies on the vans measuring 60mm wide and stand 100mm in height. The wagons start with a platform wagon, bolster wagon, open wagon, tiper wagin, box van and guards van, with the coaches having a semi open and an enclosed coach. There is then a range of bogie wagons and bogie coaches, with a bogie platform wagon, bogie open wagon, bogie box van, 3 compartment enclosed coach and a 3 compartment guards composite coach. The bogie coaches are 240mm long and complete with 4 axles and bogies.

The locomotive body kits are designed to fit on the most popular Hornby 00 chassis, with the 4WD diesel locomotive and 4WD tram locomotives fitting on the 0-4-0 loco chassis. These body kits come with LED lights, metal grills for the engine compartment, cab detailing and drivers seat. A pair of bogie Bo-Bo diesels are also available that will fit onto the bogies of the HST engine. The locomotive kits have plenty of room inside so they could be fitted with DCC digital control and sound cards with speakers for a realist conrol, these start from as little as £20 for a standard receiver and would then have full power on the rails for better pickup rather than analog with lower voltages.

We are also hoping to visit the Fairbourne Railway in Wales later on and take some real dimensions of their railways rolling stock to create a second complete range of kits, launchng a range of their bogie coaches and their deisel engines. More details will follow on these when they have designed and the prototypes are available. 

The full range of kits will be launched in June.