Full train sets for Sm32 / G45 16mm scale

North Pilton works is getting ready to launch its range of full train sets for 16mm scale SM32 or G45 ready to run including batteries. This includes either the diesel or tram locomotive with a fleet of wagons so you have a complete train ready to run straight out of the box with a set of batteries included. The 16mm starter sets aims to give people a complete starter train set for Sm32 or G45 gauges.

The locomotives are available in either Evergreen or Slate Grey livery and include the battery electric locomotive with bi-directional lighting and a remote control switch. The engines can be fully upgraded to full radio control with the installation of a receiver card. The engines use a powerful RS-385 motor driging through a gear box and main drive shaft suspended with ball race bearings for smooth a reliable running driving on both axles with a total of 25:1 reduction. The battery pack takes four AA batteries.

The train sets will be launched in September and be available as follows :-

Diesel/Tram platform set

Locomotive with 4 platfform wagons

Diesel/Tram Open Wagon Set

Locomotive with 3 open wagons

Diesel/Tram Box Van Set

Locomotive with 2 box vans

Diesel/Tram Mixed Goods Set

Locomotive with platform wagon, open wagon and box van

Diesel/Tram Passenger Set

Locomotive with 2 passenger coaches

These sets will be prices at £195 inclusive and supplied with a pack pf batteries. Orders will be taken in advance with pre-ordering starting in the next couple of weeks,