Narrow Gauge Railways Around The World

Narrow gauge railways are famous the world over, since they were invented in Wales when locomotives of a narrower gauge were built to replace horses and run on the horse drawn tramway in the slate railways.

Since then they have been built in a wide range of gauges from 15inch through to 1m gauge and above. Anything less than standard gauge can be termed as a narrow gauge railway but generally its 1m gauges and below.

They have a charm of their own with over sized locomotives riding on narrow tracks, turning sharp corners and hugging hills, where a standard gauge railway would alternatively require massive amounts of earthworks built up to support the track work.

5 Inch Narrow Gauge Railways

A very popular large scale model railway scale termed as minimum passenger carrying gauge is that of 5 inch gauge (126mm) and is small enough for people to build their own garden railway on which they can ride behind the trains.

The aim of "Narrow Gauge Railways" website is to build a community website for people modelling in 5 inch gauge and using narrow gauge style locomotives and rolling stock.

We will try and link the site up with details of narrow gauge railways from around the world to give people a wealth of ideas for their own railways and also link up with all the places where you can see ride on miniature railways and enjoy a day out.

For people with an interest in main line standard gauge railways on 5 inch gauge there is The Ground Level 5 Inch Main Line Association (GL5) which promotes 5" gauge 11/16 to 1 foot prototype modelling on main line railways based in Britain. As yet I cant find any association which covers the interests for 5 inch gauge narrow gauge railways. If you know of an association then let us know.

5 Inch Narrow Gauge Community

As part of this community we have a membership area where you can register and login to view member only areas of the website and join in with contributing content to the community side of the website.

Our aim is to link together everything you need on one website to cover your interests of building and running your own 5 inch gauge railway or just owning or building your own locomotive/stock to run at a local MES or railway club.

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