16mm Scale Model Railrays for Garden Railways

The 16mm Scale (16mm:1foot) or 1/19th scale is popularised with the SM32 track available from PECO representing 2ft narrow gauge for the UK modeller scene being 32mm gauge. SM (16mm)

This is an ideal scale for modelling narrow gauge in the garden as the locomotives and carriages are reasonably big, allowing for a lot of detailing and there is plenty of room inside to hide batteries and radio control equiment. The average width of a locomotive can be anywhere from 90mm to 120mm in width giving a scale width of between 5ft7 and 7ft6. Many people also model 16mm scale using LGB or G45 track to represent a wider gauge of 2ft9. There is no limit to the range of things peole can model in the scale, and even using other track gauges to represent smaller gauge railways like 00 gauge to represnt 12inch gauge railways. 

After many years of working on the internet I had a plan to retire from programming at the age of 50 and do something more interesting in life. I wanted to be able to enjoy what i was doing and share my interests with other people. Now I have achieved my goal by setting up North Pilton Works to build 16mm scale rolling stock and locomotives. 

 North Pilton works

I now own a company producing a complete range of locomotives, rolling stock and accessories for 16mm scale garden railways in both SM32 and G45 gauges at northpiltonworks.com and launched our starter range of 4 wheel stock. The next stage is to add to the range with bogie vehicles starting with a large Bo-Bo Diesel engine and passenger coaches.

North Pilton Works is also producing a full range of line side accessories and fencing as well as a range of buildings, so that we will be able to supply everything that a garden railway requires. We also  have a range of kits that are exclusively available through Garden Railway Specialists for people that want to build up our rolling stock and paint them in their own livery.