Garden Railways

Many people are now running large scale model railways in the garden using SM32 (32mm gauge) or G Scale (45mm gauge) track systems. These railways are often land scaped into the garden to add a realism that can not be achieved on smaller scales with plastic trees, The models can be controlled by track power using wither analog DC or digital DCC suplies or be run as battery power with radio control. Many people are running live steam locomotives on their railway.

I am concentrating my effots on the SM32 16mm scale railways that model the 2ft narrow gauge scene and G45 for 2ft9 gauge. I have a set of designs for my own locomotives and rolling stock that i will start producing as a range of kits, so other people can buy them to build up for their own railway. These have been designed after several years of reaserch and a story line i developed for the progression of my own railway into the modern era with differnt classed of locomotives for certain tasks.

North Pilton Works has been set up to produce a wide range of ready to run locomotives and rolling stock with the launch of the budget starter range of rolling stock. This range includes five type of wagons for platform, open wagon, box van, cattle van and guards van as well as a passenger coach. Each comes with the popular Binnnies centre buffer coupling and are available in either green or grey livery with SM32 or G45 wheel sets.




Flexible Fencing Packs for 16mm Scale

North Pilton Works has launched a new flexible fence building system that brings realistic fences and gates to add realism to your lineside features for 16mm scale garden railways. There are three packs available that allow you to build up the fencing you need. The first pack contains 6 fence panels and a small hinged gate with brass hinges and fixings.

The main fence panels are braced with two cross bars that make them sturdy, which is important when placed in the garden and animals may knock them. The fence panels then slot into the gate posts which can be secured into the ground with a nail, screw or wooden dowel. The gate can be made to hinge from the left or the right and comes with brass hinges and an optional disc plate. You can combine two fence gate packs together to form a larger double gate by hanging one from the left and one from the right.

The second pack is an additional fence pack that comes with ten fence panels and 11 posts plus 2 corner posts, that allow you to join fences together at right angles. The third pack is an 8ft gate pack that contains a large gate with ten fence panels plus 11 posts and 2 corner posts.

A level crossing gate pack is also available with four 10ft gates and four gate posts to make a complete set of double gates.

The fence panels are cut out with a picket fence design and two running bars across the length. A pair of cross beams are then glued behind these running bars to strengthen the panels. The ends of the two running bars along the fence panel then tightly interlock into the fence posts to hold the fences into position.

The gate posts are made up of three sections with a pair of holes one at the top and one at the bottom through which a length of dowel is placed to align the sections together an lock everything tight while the glue sets. The standard posts have an inside section has two sets of notches for joining two fence panels together. There is then a backing plate and a front plate with a notch at the bottom that then inserts into the fence post foot plate.

There are different middle inserts so that the posts can be built up as a joiner between two fence panels, or a single pair of notches build up an end post for the last fence panel in a line. There is also a corner post that has a pair of notches in the front panel so that two sets of fences can be joined at right angles.

Each foot plate has a square hole in which the post glues and locks into position and a round hole used for fixing the fence post into the ground with either a nail or length of dowel. The posts can then be set in concrete to ensure a secure fixing.

The gate is supplied as two parts, the fence panel and a bracing panel behind the gate. These can be reversed to allow the gate hinges to fix on from the left or the right. The gate and its gate posts are supplied pre-drilled with fixing holes for the pins (or screws) for the hinge to fix in position. The gate is supplied with a pair of brass hinges and a set of steel screws and alternate copper pins that can be nailed into the posts.

Full range of rolling stock

North Pilton Works now has a complete range or Ready to Run rolling stock in its range.

Platform Wagon

Open Wagon

Box Van

Cattle Van

Guards Van

Passenger Coach

All rolling stock is available in 96mm wdie or 110mm wide and a choice of SM32 or G45 as well as in a choice of Evergreen or Slate Grey Liveries

North Pilton Works

The works are now in production at North Pilton Works producing a range of Ready To Run SM32 16mm scale rolling stock and locomotives.

This includes a fleet of wagons starting with the platform wagon, open wagon, box van and soon to be launched guards van. The Passenger coach is an open design 12 seat carriage with doors at one end. 

The wagons and passenger coach are manufactured from laser cut 3mm birch plywood and supplied in grey fintstone livery for the wagons and evergreen green livery for the coaches. They are fitted with SLATER L&B 24mm wheel sets and brass axel bearings and supplied with Binnies center buffer couplings. 

North Pilton Works is in the process of engineering three locomotives that will then be part of our Starter Range TRAIN SETS to include a diesel locomotive, tram locomotive and Railcar to be launched as ready to run train sets supplied with carriages or wagons as a complete train.

In progress is the development of three locmotives to include a diesel engine, tram engine and a rail bus passenger set with trailer coach for SM32 or G45 in 16mm scale. These will be launched in August 2016 and then form part of our train set range.

LAUNCHING August 21st

I have designed three classes of locomotive launching 21st August 2016 with the diesel engine, tram engine and rail bus passenger set that will be batery operated and supplied ready to run, painted in either green or grey livery complete with glazing. The will be provided with everything ready to operate including the battery pack and batteries. The locomotives will then form the start of our complete train sets which include the locomotive and a fleet of wagons as a train, so people can get started with a new train straight out of the box.

The locomotive details are as follows;


A powerful diesel engine with a large cab one end with drivers control panel and rear hand brake column, engine bonnet with metal grill each side and in the front, a bonnet cover with sloped edges. Supplied with an RS-385 motor and a battery pack, the locomotive drives on both axles and comes complete with bi-directional lighting. Available in grey or green livery and a choice of SM32 or G45. Luanch price £85 with pre-order available before 21st August


A powerful diesel tram engine with a cab each end with drivers control panel and hand brake wheel, engine compartment in the centre with windows covered in a steel grill.  Supplied with an RS-385 motor and a battery pack, the locomotive drives on both axles and comes complete with bi-directional lighting. Available in grey or green livery and a choice of SM32 or G45. Luanch price £85 with pre-order available before 21st August


A detailed Rail Bus locomotive with a trailer coach as a set. Detailed planking on all sides and fully glazed with interior searting, the railbus has a detailed driver cab area with controls. The engine bonnet at the front of the rail bus has metal grills front and each side housing an RS360 motor driving down to the main drive shaft powering both axles. Available in grey or green livery and a choice of SM32 or G45. Luanch price £120 with pre-order available before 21st August

In The Works

Work started this week on the Class 200 Bo-Bo Locomotive at North Pilton Works with the bodywork taking shape and the mechanisms being worked out. The Bo-Bo is a general purpose locomotive that will have two power bogies using the powerful RS285SH motors geared to drive onto drive shafts and each axle on each bogie making it all wheel drive. The engine will be designed to house a 12V lion rechargeable battery and full radio control gear but also be available as a remote switched verion with 6V battery pack.

The large spaciou cab features drivers control panel. swivel driving chair, extra fold down seats for operatives and a hand wheel brake column with full glazing. The doors will be also be hinged so that they can be opened. The headlights and rear light will operate bi-directionally on the battery switched version or be remote controlled from the receiver on the receiver for the radio control version. The large bonnet houses the batteries and pair of motors and has plenty of space for adding in some additional weight to add to the traction. 


Flexity Tram System

One of the first model kits I will produce will be a freelance Flexity Tram similar to the Bombardier trams that are running on narrow gauge in european cities. This tram unit will be made available in both 32mm gauge and 45mm gauge so that people can have it on either gauge to suite their layout. The tram will be an articulated modern tram suppplied as either a 3 car, 5 car or 7 car unit.

The tram unit will be constructed from laser cut 3mm plywood and be available to run as standard using track pickups or battery pack. It can easily be modified for full radio control or fitted with DCC

The tram will be able to run round tight corners (down to 400mm or 1ft3 radius curves) and be able to handle steep gradients at 6% (1 in 16) so that the tracks can run through city streets and over bridges or along side on your main railway tracks.

The three car set will have a power bogie under the driving cab and a trailer car with a suspended articulated carriage in the middle. The 5 car set will have an additional susepended carriage and a motor bogie center carriage unit. An additional motor boagie and coach can be added to form the seven car tram unit. The power bogie has two 12V high torque motors and is switchable between 12V and 24V to cope with various track power supplies.

Expected prototype will be developed in September with a view to launching a kit to market for several types of trams to 16mm scale based on narrow gauge trams.

Devonshire Regional Railways

My railway is planned to be constructed on a region around Devon in England that was devistated when the Beeching cuts ripped out all the rural railway lines between all the major towns in north devon. The only railway left is the Exeter to Barnstaple line and a main line running through Plymouth in the south. The rest of the region has no connection to the railway network. You can read my mini series book on the train of though 

The Devonshire Regional Railway grew up from the need for the rural communities to have a cheap rail service and as the main railway and government will not invest in rural community services, the narrow gauge network gre up over a number of decaded to provide these services. 

Model Engineering SM32 16mm scale

I have been building my own railway models since been a teenager and built layouts in many scales starting with 009 narrow gauge. Now i am seriously interested in the large scale railways and decided to drop my G scale railway in favour of the SM32 system in 16mm scale, as i have been facinated with the 2ft gauge railway of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway that closed down in 1935 and wish to build my railway starting from that point in history moving forward to a modern narrow gauge railway.

I have built many models in plastic card and kit bashed other vehicles to my own requirements. Now i want to start a full scale attack on building up an SM32 layout and make a range of models that i can share with other people. In order to do this, I spent the past couple of years doing as much research as possible on the style of railway i wanted and planning the designs of each locomotive and carriage i requried.

I would like to start producing simple kits that other people can buy to build and customise to their own requirements by designing them up in CAD and having the peices cut out with a CNC routrer with other parts cast in plastic resin for detail. These kits will be priced competively to make them affordable and been easy to build up for the average modeller not to have specific skill sets.

Lineside Accessory Packs