16mm Scale Garden Railways

Launch of Bogie Rolling Stock

We have now launched a full range of Bogie Rolling stock with wagons and coaches. The wagons inlude a platform and open wagon kit, box van and parcel van kit as well as a hopper wagon. The coaches are a balcony design with a passenger coach having balcony each end and a parcel version with guard lookout windows and pair of doors one end,

Bogie Coaches Sm32 G45

Bogie parcel van SM32 G45

 The wagons are available in both 96mm wide and 110mm wide versions and measure 280mm long. The bogie coaches are available in 110mm wide version with a length of 340mm. 

Coaches are priced at £85 including axles, glazing and interior lights VIEW COACHES

Wagons are priced at £60 for the open/platform and £75 for the box vans VIEW WAGONS


Signals for Garden Railway

We now have two kits for signalling for your garfen railway with each containing three working signals for just £25

The first is a set of three traditional semaphore signals with the option to build up three stop signals or one as a distance signal. They have a 12V LED for the lamp and coloured lenses to illuminate the signal as the arm moves up and down. They also come with the option of ladders and come with the weight crank and link rod to make the operate. 

Signal for garden railway


The second signal kit provides three twin aspect colour light signals with two 10mm colour LED lights working on 12V DC

Light signal for garden railway

Signal kits are just £25 for three signals

North Pilton Works Signal

16mm Scale Garden Railway Buildings

website : northpiltonworks.com

New Range Of Buildings

North Pilton Works have now released four new building kits for 16mm scale garden railways featuring interior furniture.

16mm scale garden railway buildings

The first is a small lineside hut with apex roof, door in one end and side window featuring a table, chair and shelving nit for interior detailing. The next is a 10ft wide station shelter with sloped tiled rood, windows in the ends and two in the front with large doorway and featuring a raftered roof and bench seats inside. The kit comes with a battery pack with a switch built in and an LED for interior lighting. The workmans cabin sits on a raised floor concealing a battery pack and switch at the rear powering the interior light and a candle LED for illumiating the log burning stove and comes with a table, two chairs and shelving unt for furniture. The ground level signal box features a door and window on one side and window on the other end with the front having three windows and sitting on a raised floor bed with the battery pack on the underside. The signal bix features a lever frame with 8 levers, operators desk and chair, log burning stove as well as a phone for the desk, track indicator and consumer power box for the wall.

Lineside Hut £15
Station Shelter £18
Workmans Cabin £32
Signal Box £36
All four buildings £85





A Unique 16mm Scale Fencing and Gate Solution

North Pilton Works has launched its flexible fencing and gate solution for 16mm scale garden railways with its fence and level crossing packs. The fence panels and fence posts form a 3ft scale fence system that are rigid and allow for any configuration you need to add picket style fences and gates to your scenery.

The standard fence pack starts with six fence panels braced by cross bars that lock into the standard fence posts and has a small gate supplied with brass hinges. The kit comprises of six large fence panels, twelve cross bars, seven fence posts and two gate posts with the two part gate and a gate warning disc. This makes up 790mm of fencing with the gate (over 31 inches) that can be painted or even stained with wood preserve to be left outside.

Fencing Pack

The additional fence pack adds ten fence panels and posts along with two corner posts so that fences can be joined at right angles. There is then the 8ft gate pack that includes ten fence panels, posts, corner posts and a large 8ft (128mm wide) gate with brass hinges. All parts are fully reversible so that the gates can be fitted with hinges to hang on the left or the right. By combining two packs together you can then form a double gate.

The fence posts are made up of three sections and a foot plate that holds the fences upright. The three sections include a face plate, middle insert with notches to lock in the fence panel and a back plate with a notch at the bottom to lock into the foot plate. The feet have a square hole for the post to drop into and a round hole that allows for nails or dowel to insert through so that the fences can be secured into the ground. The fence panels have a picket style fence design and two cross bars that glue behind the fence to form a brace, making the fences rigid.

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Double Level Crossing Gate Kit

level crossing kit

The level crossing gate kit is great value for money and comes with four large crossing gates, four gate posts pre-drilled for the hinges and four end posts as well as eight small fence panels. This allows you to build up a complete four gate double level crossing gate or you can build up two separate two gate single level crossings with the parts using the extra end gate posts. You can also use the level crossing gates with the standard fence panels to create a single gate in the fence for yard areas.

The level crossing kit comes with four fence posts and eight corner fence posts that allow your level crossing to integrate seamlessly into the standard fence packs and create the gate solutions you need for your railway. There are many gate solutions on the market if you look hard, but none are part of a complete integral solution that can be expanded as your needs grow.

Buy now for only £25

Station Accessory Packs

Station Accessory PackPack of seats

As part of our scenic range, we have several detailed kits for station bench seats, a station accessory pack and cargo crates for your line side or wagon loads.

Buy Station Accessory Pack now for £9.75

The bench seat pack has six seats that are easy to build up. Each seat measures 50mm high at the back, 26mm at the seat. 96mm long and 32mm deep. The base has three seat brackets with a cross bar and a set of four pegs that secure the base. The seat base and back are then glued into the notches of the base to form a sturdy seat that can then be painted.

The station accessory pack includes six bench seats and a pair of platform trolleys, pair of notice boards, weighing scales and telephone kiosk that add realism to your station area. The trolleys are complete with wheels, steering and the trolley base.

The cargo crates can be used at the line side in your goods areas and include the large crates that have a pallet for the base or a pack of six stacking crates that interlock so they don’t shift around when carried on your wagons.

Complete Range Of Rolling Stock

Complete range of 16mm scale rolling stock

Our range of rolling stock is available in two widths, 96mm wide and 110mm wide, to suite your specific requirements. The 96mm wide range represent stock 6ft wide, while the 110mm wide represents 6ft10in wide. The range starts with the platform wagon, bolster wagon, open wagon, box van and cattle van as well as a guards van. There is then the four wheel passenger coach.

All rolling stock is available to run on either SM32 or G45 track and supplied with heavy GRS metal insulated wheel sets and Binnies centre couplings as standard. They come painted in Slate Grey or Ever Green livery and are ready to run.

The platform wagon is a detailed flat bed with a detailed chassis that includes the brake frames and brake levers as well as a set of tie down hoops in each corner under the wagon. The bolster wagon is very similar with the addition of a pivoted set of arms for carrying loads such as pipes and lumber between two wagons and sold in pairs with a spare bolster arm. The open wagon has a similarly detailed under frame with brake detail and an open wagon body.

The box van has a set of working sliding doors. Similarly the cattle wagon has vented sides and features drop down doors with locking bars.

The guards van has a balcony area with steps and a cabin detailed inside with seats, a desk and chair and a log burning stove that lights up with a candle LED. There is a white LED for the interior lighting and a battery pack under the van. The guards van is fully glazed all round including the lookout duckets. There is a slide switch mounted to one side to turn on the lighting.

The passenger coach has interior seating and glazed windows with three sets of seats each side and doors at one end. The under carriage has steps below the doors and the brake lever and frame detailing between the axles.

The 110mm wide vans and coaches have a curved wooden roof, while the 96mm vans have a curved plastic roof. The roofs can be removed by unscrewing two screws to gain access

Buy your rolling stock ready to run starting from just £23


16mm scale locomotivesOur rolling stock range is complemented with three types of locomotives that are fully upgradeable to full remote control with the installation of a radio receiver. These engines include a diesel locomotive, a tram locomotive and a railbus with optional trailer coach. These locomotives are 96mm wide and drive on both axles through a drive shaft and 25:1 reduction gearing powered by an RS385SH 12V motor. The engines come with a bank of four AA battery pack with batteries included. At each side is a slide switch for power and direction control. The railbus has a pair of battery banks as part of its under frame with slide off covers.

The tram engine has a balcony each end for driver controls and a central cabin with doorway and side windows that are covered with a fine wire mesh. The driver control levers and brake column complete the cab details. The battery pack is located inside the cabin area at the side of the motor. The tram also has bi-directional lighting for head light and tail lamp.

The diesel engine has the same drive shaft and 25:1 reduction gearing driving both axles and works off a battery pack and motor inside the bonnet. The cab is at one end with open doorways and glazed windows front and rear. The driver console has levers for control and the rear cab has a brake column for detailing inside the cab. The front of the locomotive has two slide switched for power on/off and directional control.

The rail bus is a passenger coach style locomotive with an engine bonnet at the front and a longer chassis. This has a motor inside the bonnet driving a reduction gear onto a drive shaft that then drives through bevel gears to the main drive shaft to power both axles through 25:1 reduction. Each side of the axles is a battery bank built into the under frame with a set of switches for power on/off and reverse. The engine has bi-directional lighting at the front of the bonnet and has wire mesh grills each side and at the front on the bonnet.

The rail bus has a door one side for passengers and a cab with seat and controls for the driver. The rail bus is also available as a set with a trailer observation coach that features a door at the front to match the rear door of the rail bus to run as a two car set.

All locomotives are available to run as either SM32 or G45 and run on GRS heavy gauge wheel sets. They are available in either Slate Grey or Ever Green livery with black under frames. They are supplied ready to run and come complete with batteries.

£95 for Diesel Engine

£95 for Tram Engine

£120 for Rail Bus or £150 with trailer coach

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Complete Train Sets

North Pilton Works Train Sets are now available with a choice of the diesel engine or tram engine and a fleet of wagons available as either SM32 or G45. The G45 train sets are also available with a complete pack of G45 plastic track, making them ideal as a starter set. There are various train sets available with several wagons. The sets are available with upgrades to full radio control for an additional £110 which includes a transmitter for up to 12 locomotives and the receiver fitted into the locomotive.

Box Van Train Set

Choice of Diesel or Tram engine in green with two box vans with sliding doors in grey. Available as SM32 or G45 and option of G45 track pack

Goods Train Set

Choice of Diesel or Tram engine in green with a platform wagon, open wagon and a box van with sliding doors in grey. Available as SM32 or G45 and option of G45 track pack

Passenger Train Set

Choice of Diesel  or Tram engine in green with two passenger coaches in green. Available as SM32 or G45 and option of G45 track pack

Radio Control Sets

We have two complete radio control sets available with the transmitters allowing the control of up to 12 different locomotives. The first is a battery locomotive controller with an RX receiver for the locomotive. The second set is for Live Steam radio control and features a receiver to control your own servo motors for controlling the direction, speed and whistle of a steam engine. We also supply additional receiver cards for battery or steam engines.

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Station Accessory Packs

FENCEPK              Fence pack with hinged gate. Six fence panels, fence posts and gate with brass hinges

ADDFENCE          Ten additional fence panels with two corner posts

8FTGATEPK         Ten fence panels with large (8ft) gate and hinges

PKSEATS              Set of five platform bench seats

LVLCROSS            Full set of gates for a double level crossing or build up two single gate crossings with eight small fence panels and eight corner posts.

LRGCRATE           Pack of two large cargo crates on pallets.

INTLCRATE          pack of six open stacking and interlocking crates

Visit northpiltonworks.com for the latest prices and new products.

website:  http://www.northpiltonworks.com 


LAUNCHING August 21st

I have designed three classes of locomotive launching 21st August 2016 with the diesel engine, tram engine and rail bus passenger set that will be batery operated and supplied ready to run, painted in either green or grey livery complete with glazing. The will be provided with everything ready to operate including the battery pack and batteries. The locomotives will then form the start of our complete train sets which include the locomotive and a fleet of wagons as a train, so people can get started with a new train straight out of the box.

The locomotive details are as follows;


A powerful diesel engine with a large cab one end with drivers control panel and rear hand brake column, engine bonnet with metal grill each side and in the front, a bonnet cover with sloped edges. Supplied with an RS-385 motor and a battery pack, the locomotive drives on both axles and comes complete with bi-directional lighting. Available in grey or green livery and a choice of SM32 or G45. Luanch price £85 with pre-order available before 21st August


A powerful diesel tram engine with a cab each end with drivers control panel and hand brake wheel, engine compartment in the centre with windows covered in a steel grill.  Supplied with an RS-385 motor and a battery pack, the locomotive drives on both axles and comes complete with bi-directional lighting. Available in grey or green livery and a choice of SM32 or G45. Luanch price £85 with pre-order available before 21st August


A detailed Rail Bus locomotive with a trailer coach as a set. Detailed planking on all sides and fully glazed with interior searting, the railbus has a detailed driver cab area with controls. The engine bonnet at the front of the rail bus has metal grills front and each side housing an RS360 motor driving down to the main drive shaft powering both axles. Available in grey or green livery and a choice of SM32 or G45. Luanch price £120 with pre-order available before 21st August

Flexible Fencing Packs for 16mm Scale

North Pilton Works has launched a new flexible fence building system that brings realistic fences and gates to add realism to your lineside features for 16mm scale garden railways. There are three packs available that allow you to build up the fencing you need. The first pack contains 6 fence panels and a small hinged gate with brass hinges and fixings.

The main fence panels are braced with two cross bars that make them sturdy, which is important when placed in the garden and animals may knock them. The fence panels then slot into the gate posts which can be secured into the ground with a nail, screw or wooden dowel. The gate can be made to hinge from the left or the right and comes with brass hinges and an optional disc plate. You can combine two fence gate packs together to form a larger double gate by hanging one from the left and one from the right.

The second pack is an additional fence pack that comes with ten fence panels and 11 posts plus 2 corner posts, that allow you to join fences together at right angles. The third pack is an 8ft gate pack that contains a large gate with ten fence panels plus 11 posts and 2 corner posts.

A complete double level crossing gate pack is also available with four 10ft gates and four gate posts as well as eight small fence panels and corner posts to make up a complete set of double gates or you can build two complete single gate crossings using the additional end gate posts supplied. This level crossing integrates seamlessly with the standard fencing packs and with the corner posts allow you to build up any configuration to your own requirements.

The fence panels are cut out with a picket fence design and two running bars across the length. A pair of cross beams are then glued behind these running bars to strengthen the panels. The ends of the two running bars along the fence panel then tightly interlock into the fence posts to hold the fences into position.

The gate posts are made up of three sections with a pair of holes one at the top and one at the bottom through which a length of dowel is placed to align the sections together an lock everything tight while the glue sets. The standard posts have an inside section has two sets of notches for joining two fence panels together. There is then a backing plate and a front plate with a notch at the bottom that then inserts into the fence post foot plate.

There are different middle inserts so that the posts can be built up as a joiner between two fence panels, or a single pair of notches build up an end post for the last fence panel in a line. There is also a corner post that has a pair of notches in the front panel so that two sets of fences can be joined at right angles.

Each foot plate has a square hole in which the post glues and locks into position and a round hole used for fixing the fence post into the ground with either a nail or length of dowel. The posts can then be set in concrete to ensure a secure fixing.

The gate is supplied as two parts, the fence panel and a bracing panel behind the gate. These can be reversed to allow the gate hinges to fix on from the left or the right. The gate and its gate posts are supplied pre-drilled with fixing holes for the pins (or screws) for the hinge to fix in position. The gate is supplied with a pair of brass hinges and a set of steel screws and alternate copper pins that can be nailed into the posts.

Complete Double Gate Level Crossing Kit

This is one of the best level crossing gate kits available on the market and integrates into our flexible fencing system to provide a seamless set of gates with fencing. The kit includes the parts to build up a complete double gate level crossing with four gates and eight fence panels supplied. The eight corner posts allow you to link in with other fencing packs and place the fences at right angles to the gates to run down your road. You can also use the additional end gate posts to create two separate single gate level crossings from the kit (two complete gate sets in one kit!)

The four large gates measure 160mm wide and come with brass hinges to fix them into the gate posts so that they can swing and be made to operate. The gate posts secure into a large foot plate that can be glues or screwed into the ground. The large gate posts have the same notches as the standard fence posts to accept the eight small fence panels that can then link into our standard fence panels. The kit comes with eight corner posts as well as eight standard fence panels for expanding the fencing.

The kit also comes with an additional four end large gate posts so that the gates can be used as single gates. This allows the kit to be used to build up two complete single gate level crossings. You can also use the level crossing gates as a single gate withing the fencing panels for a yard gate. This really is a flexible kit and a valuable part of our flexible fencing solution.


Full range of rolling stock

North Pilton Works now has a complete range or Ready to Run rolling stock in its range.

Platform Wagon

Open Wagon

Box Van

Cattle Van

Guards Van

Passenger Coach

All rolling stock is available in 96mm wdie or 110mm wide and a choice of SM32 or G45 as well as in a choice of Evergreen or Slate Grey Liveries

A Complete Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway

North Pilton Works is launching a comlete Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway range of kits that feature a small diesel locomotive and set of wagons found on many small working railways. Although the range is aimed at the budget market they are made to be sturdy with a thick oval skip base fomed of two sets of board that accept the axle boxes for the wheels and have a pair of slots at each end of the chassis where the body slot into to locate it centrally on the chassis. 

"When I looked at what choices people had to build up a complete fleet of wagons, I found that their wasn't much choice available. With this in mind I set about designing a complete industrial railway from the ground up with a choice of wagons that I would expect to find on a real railway and wanted the price to be very affordable for everyone - I wanted a complete train for under £200 to be the goal"

The range of wagon kits include:

  • Platform Wagon

  • Bolster Wagon

  • Open Wagon

  • Box Van

  • Guard/coach

  • Tipper Wagon

  • Diesel Locomotive

The price is remarkable, with the platform wagon starting just at £13. This makes it possible to have a locomotive and ten wagons for less than £200 for a complete Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway scene.

The tipper wagons were the first goal. I wanted a large industrial tipper wagon to represent a 6 cubic yard skip for a 3 ton loads, rather than the dinky skip wagons that are currently available. I designed the tipper to represnt a heavy load wagon with a bucket measuring 6ft wide by 7ft long and 3ft deep. This has a handle and turn wheel at each end of the bucket for tipping and mounts in the end frames mounted into the chassis


In The Works

Work started this week on the Class 200 Bo-Bo Locomotive at North Pilton Works with the bodywork taking shape and the mechanisms being worked out. The Bo-Bo is a general purpose locomotive that will have two power bogies using the powerful RS285SH motors geared to drive onto drive shafts and each axle on each bogie making it all wheel drive. The engine will be designed to house a 12V lion rechargeable battery and full radio control gear but also be available as a remote switched verion with 6V battery pack.

The large spaciou cab features drivers control panel. swivel driving chair, extra fold down seats for operatives and a hand wheel brake column with full glazing. The doors will be also be hinged so that they can be opened. The headlights and rear light will operate bi-directionally on the battery switched version or be remote controlled from the receiver on the receiver for the radio control version. The large bonnet houses the batteries and pair of motors and has plenty of space for adding in some additional weight to add to the traction. 


North Pilton Works

The works are now in production at North Pilton Works producing a range of Ready To Run SM32 16mm scale rolling stock and locomotives.

This includes a fleet of wagons starting with the platform wagon, open wagon, box van and soon to be launched guards van. The Passenger coach is an open design 12 seat carriage with doors at one end. 

The wagons and passenger coach are manufactured from laser cut 3mm birch plywood and supplied in grey fintstone livery for the wagons and evergreen green livery for the coaches. They are fitted with SLATER L&B 24mm wheel sets and brass axel bearings and supplied with Binnies center buffer couplings. 

North Pilton Works is in the process of engineering three locomotives that will then be part of our Starter Range TRAIN SETS to include a diesel locomotive, tram locomotive and Railcar to be launched as ready to run train sets supplied with carriages or wagons as a complete train.

In progress is the development of three locmotives to include a diesel engine, tram engine and a rail bus passenger set with trailer coach for SM32 or G45 in 16mm scale. These will be launched in August 2016 and then form part of our train set range.

Flexity Tram System

One of the first model kits I will produce will be a freelance Flexity Tram similar to the Bombardier trams that are running on narrow gauge in european cities. This tram unit will be made available in both 32mm gauge and 45mm gauge so that people can have it on either gauge to suite their layout. The tram will be an articulated modern tram suppplied as either a 3 car, 5 car or 7 car unit.

The tram unit will be constructed from laser cut 3mm plywood and be available to run as standard using track pickups or battery pack. It can easily be modified for full radio control or fitted with DCC

The tram will be able to run round tight corners (down to 400mm or 1ft3 radius curves) and be able to handle steep gradients at 6% (1 in 16) so that the tracks can run through city streets and over bridges or along side on your main railway tracks.

The three car set will have a power bogie under the driving cab and a trailer car with a suspended articulated carriage in the middle. The 5 car set will have an additional susepended carriage and a motor bogie center carriage unit. An additional motor boagie and coach can be added to form the seven car tram unit. The power bogie has two 12V high torque motors and is switchable between 12V and 24V to cope with various track power supplies.

Expected prototype will be developed in September with a view to launching a kit to market for several types of trams to 16mm scale based on narrow gauge trams.

Railbus Passenger Set

Many people are now running large scale model railways in the garden using SM32 (32mm gauge) or G Scale (45mm gauge) track systems. These railways are often land scaped into the garden to add a realism that can not be achieved on smaller scales with plastic trees, The models can be controlled by track power using wither analog DC or digital DCC suplies or be run as battery power with radio control. Many people are running live steam locomotives on their railway.

I am concentrating my effots on the SM32 16mm scale railways that model the 2ft narrow gauge scene and G45 for 2ft9 gauge. I have a set of designs for my own locomotives and rolling stock that i will start producing as a range of kits, so other people can buy them to build up for their own railway. These have been designed after several years of reaserch and a story line i developed for the progression of my own railway into the modern era with differnt classed of locomotives for certain tasks.

North Pilton Works has been set up to produce a wide range of ready to run locomotives and rolling stock with the launch of the budget starter range of rolling stock. This range includes five type of wagons for platform, open wagon, box van, cattle van and guards van as well as a passenger coach. Each comes with the popular Binnnies centre buffer coupling and are available in either green or grey livery with SM32 or G45 wheel sets.